Roman Bracelet - GLASS - 3rd. Century A.D.

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Authentic Ancient Roman Bracelet - GLASS - 3rd. Century A.D.

This an authentic Roman bracelets made of GLASS!

It has been dated to the to third century A.D. thus making them some 1700 years old!

The size indicates that this bracelet is for a child.

It is in good, unmolested, unbroken, unrepaired, unrestored condition and was unearthed at a dig site in the ancient Roman province of Moesia which roughly corresponds to parts of Serbia and Bulgaria in the Balkan region, Eastern Europe, an area where the Romans often went to war to subdue the East Celts.

Holding these artifacts in one's hands, one can almost feel the power, glory and might of the Roman Empire!

Everybody can go to the shopping mall and simply pick a new piece of jewelry out of enormous stocks of freshly made items but how many of you have ever given (or gotten!) a present to a near or dear one with such history embedded into it, such character, the patina of 1700 years battling the elements and so unique that there is truly only ONE of it in the world?

Imagine that 1700 years ago, a Roman citizen had these bracelets commissioned and gave them to his beloved daughter...

Wouldn't it be great if some 1700 years later, this process would be repeated?

It measure some 1,5 inches across and weighs 3.9 grams.

This appears to be a child's size.


Only 1 pc available (the picture shows 2!).

This is NOT a copy of any kind. This is an authentic 1700 year old piece!

FREE packing, handling & shipping to ANY destination in the world !!

Roman Bracelet - GLASS - 3rd. Century A.D.
Roman Bracelet - GLASS - 3rd. Century A.D.
Roman Bracelet - GLASS - 3rd. Century A.D.