There is NO substitute for HISTORY !

Avé Visitor, we bid you welcome at Aurum Romanum, your gallery for ancient jewelry of the Roman Empire.

Aurum Romanum literally translates into "Roman Gold" or "Gold of the Romans" but loosely translates into "Treasures of the Roman Empire.

We cater for the people of this world and era who want to give their beloved ones truly unique jewelry and not something "off the shelf" from their local shopping mall.

ALL our items are truly old, ancient and vintage. They are AUTHENTIC and UNIQUE and it shows... The items that you will find in our shop can NOT be found ANYWHERE else on this globe.

We feel it as a privilege to bring these items to you as we know that when you purchase an item from us, you have carefully chosen a gift for a beloved one (or yourself) and that your beloved one will really appreciate the effort that you have put in your search for the perfect gift.

We hope you enjoy our website and that we are able to make you and your beloved one smile when you present your gift.

Your Aurum Romanum Team.


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